OREO / Colorfilled

While at Martin Agency, we launched Mondelēz International's first leap into product personalization and ecommerce. And, we conquered this task typically requiring over a year in only 3 months. We commissioned custom OREO artwork from Jeremyville and Timothy Goodman, allowed users to color their own packs through a responsive website, and encouraged holiday shoppers to digitally write a custom note on their one-of-a-kind OREO pack that would be printed and shipped directly to them. Because of users' passion for beautiful, personalized OREO packs, Mondelēz printed more unique OREO package designs per day than they had cumulatively printed in their entire history. As a result, the site surpassed conversion and bounce rate benchmarks by +30% and +95%, respectively.

As Lead Producer, I managed the project from beginning to end—initial planning, creative strategy for paid & social media, UX, design, technical & functional documentation, development, measurement strategy, tracking implementation, launch, performance monitoring, ongoing ecommerce optimizations, and post-campaign analysis.


Mondelēz International


Lead Producer