Teams make it happen. Nothing is more satisfying than tackling tough problems with smart, energetic people. Here's what some former teammates have to say about me:

Becky M., Chief Marketing Officer, Dognition 
"[Jesse] exhibits both ingenuity and curiosity, traits that you simply can't teach and yet are the cornerstones for highly successful collaborators. He couples a background in marketing communications with a depth of experience in world-class production and project management. Basically, name the task and Jesse will take it on with aplomb, regardless of its size, scope or how novel or familiar it may be to him."

Nick F., Community Manager, Dognition
"If you want to accomplish something that feels impossible, call on Jesse for help. When I'm working on a project with Jesse, I can feel confident about our work and that we'll get the results we want."

Brian S., Senior Integrated Producer, Experiential, Crispin Porter + Bogusky
"Not satisfied with the status quo, Jesse is a process maker and innovator...I was impressed by Jesse's keen eye for connecting with consumers and creating original marketing solutions that both support a client's core business objectives and push the boundaries of media."

Stevie A., Associate Creative Director, McKinney
"Jesse is definitely the kind of producer you want in charge of your assignment. He not only has that magical producer mojo that keeps projects on time and on track despite external hiccups, but he has a real passion for creative ideas and the ability to spot solutions lesser mortals might miss. Plus he is just about the nicest guy around. So nice in fact that he will share his popcorn without you even having to ask."

AJ K., Senior Digital Producer, McKinney 
"Jesse has something you can't teach — passion for great campaigns and work. He has the dedication and knowledge to help direct large and small digital projects and was always humble and firm.

Walker T., VP Group Account Director, McKinney 
"Jesse embodies all the qualities I would hope for in a digital producer. He is passionate about doing great creative work, hungry to always learn more about technology and UX, and great at collaborating with people across all disciplines."

Nora M., Director of Interactive Production, McKinney
"Jesse is very enthusiastic and his positive attitude is infectious. This paired with his ability to break down complex ideas into manageable and attainable goals, is essential to being a great Producer."

Brad N., President/CEO, RedPeg Marketing
"From the first interview until his last day, it was obvious that Jesse has a passion for succeeding and helping those around him succeed...[Jesse's] mix of creative thinking and rigorous analytical capabilities will take him far in the marketing industry. If you want a dedicated, original, and outgoing individual to directly contribute to your organization, then Mr. Wright is your candidate and I enthusiastically endorse him."

Allie B., Interactive Production Coordinator, McKinney
"Every project Jesse has on his docket gets his thorough attention, no matter the size or scope. Jesse is attentive to the work being produced as well as the teams doing the work..."

Stephen W., Professor, College of Business, James Madison University
"Jesse is in the top 10% of students I have taught at JMU. He is a pleasure to have in class and to know."