Sherwin-Williams / Chip It!

What started as a copywriter's independent innovation project became one of Sherwin-Williams' most popular online color tools and communities. Chip It! scans any image to build a Sherwin-Williams paint palette based on the colors in the image, saves it to your personal profile, and then allows you to easily share it through social media. In addition to the site, we created a bookmarklet to live in a user's browser for easy "chipping" and a custom Chip It! button for blog partners to add the tool to their own sites. 

I worked with an amazing team to take Chip It! from ideation, through three phases, to over 1 million users.

Project Notes:

  • Led multiple rounds of user testing for UX optimizations pre-launch
  • Used user insights and data to determine functionality and design updates for Phases 2 and 3
  • Utilizes HTML, CSS, Javascript, .NET, backbone.js, isotope.js
  • Dynamic page sizing for desktop, tablet, and mobile viewing
  • Produced demo video for Phase 1, managed Production Coordinator to produce new video for Phase 3
  • Managed ongoing maintenance and was the friendly voice behind all customer support